Igniting Scholarly Discourse

scholarly_discourse Award Description: Reading, textual interpretation, and scholarly conversation is the foundation of higher learning in the classroom. Significant value also exists in scholarly discourse outside of the classroom through conversation on literature, current events, academic discernment, and significant topics of the day. The Igniting Scholarly Discourse badge is designed for those students who have taken opportunities to engage in scholarly reading and discourse with Notre Dame faculty, staff, and students during their first year and demonstrates the value of those experiences to their first year and to their greater educational goals

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2016-2017 Badge Earners        

Madeleine Andreas

2015-2016 Badge Earners        

Jenna Morgan

Judging Criteria: Students need to have submitted an ePortfolio page from their first-year ePortfolio that demonstrates:

  • Attendance at one of the following ND Ignite events:  Cenaclè, Den Dialogues, Faculty Dinners with First-Year Students, Faculty Fireside Chats, or Dinners for Increased Scholarly Engagement (DISC)

    • Other events can be considered provided that submission demonstrates that it is relevant to the student’s first year and shows intellectual discourse outside of the classroom environment
  • Inclusion of a narrative with  media that demonstrates:

    • Value to the first-year experience & overall education
    • Recognizes the implications of text and conversation for context, perspective, or issues beyond the written or spoken message
    • Evaluates text and conversation for significance across disciplines
    • Analyzes discourse to build knowledge and insight across disciplines
    • Provides evidence that he/she can engage in reading and conversational discourse as part of continuing dialog in multiple phases of his/her education
    • Provides evidence that text and dialog can be analyzed with and independent and ethical voice

**Adapted from AAC&U reading VALUE rubric

Reviewer: Panel that includes First Year of Studies ND Ignite faculty/staff.

Eligibility: Available to all Notre Dame first year students

Badge Award Dates: Spring semester

Contact: The Notre Dame First Year Ignite Website