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This directory shows the varied breadth of digital badges offered by Notre Dame to all members of our community, on and off campus.  Most of these badges are part of our ePortfolios with Evidence-Based Badges (E2B2) initiative, which asks badge earners to document their skills and accomplishments on a showcase ePortfolio.  Earning each badge requires completion of unique criteria.  Some badges are associated with a particular program or course, but others are open to a wide range of earners.

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Badge Award Dates (See individual pages for more details)

Rollingicon2 Rolling         Fallicon2 Fall Semester          Springicon2 Spring Semester         Histroical4 Historical (not currently available)

         Undergraduates          Graduate Students/Faculty/Staff          Other
Rollingicon2   Library Research and Information Literacy  Rollingicon2   Teaching Well Using Technology (13 badges)     
Rollingicon2   Remix - Media Skills (3 badges) Rollingicon2   Remix - Media Skills (3 badges) Histroical4   Professional Readiness (Alumni)


  Exemplary Course         
Fallicon2   Appalachia Service Learning   Histroical4   Mendoza Career-Ready (MSM Grad students) Histroical4   Notre Dame/edX MOOC partnership (MOOC participants, 5 badges)
Fallicon2   ISLA/UROP Research Design (2 badges)     Histroical4   AAEEBL Midwest Presenter (AAEEBL conference participants)
Fallicon2   Civic Engagement: Learning, Technology, Design        
Springicon2   University ePortfolio Excellence Awards        
Springicon2  Moreau Five Pillars          
Springicon2   First Year of Studies ND Ignite Engagement Initiative (5 badges)        
Springicon2  Theology, Faith, and Reason        
Histroical4   Dean's 21st Century DaVinci (part of Ignite)        
Histroical4   Peer Advisor Leadership        
Histroical4   Pre-med Preparation Award