Igniting Creativity in the Arts

creativity_in_the_artsAward Description: Immersion in the arts and creative thinking can go hand-in-hand.  Students at Notre Dame have an incredible opportunity to see and participate in creative endeavors in many forms.  Through the First Year of Studies’ ND Ignite Initiative, students can see shows, engage in artistic discussion, and immerse themselves in creativity.  The Igniting Creativity in the Arts badge is designed for students who make creativity and artistic engagement a significant part of their first year experience. This badge can be earned by attending shows, lectures, and exhibits with a focus on the arts and demonstrating how those experiences have enhanced dialog, knowledge, and the students’ own creativity in the context of their educational and career aspirations. 

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2015-2016 Badge Earners        

Jenna Morgan

Judging Criteria: Students need to have submitted an ePortfolio page from their first-year ePortfolio that demonstrates:

  • Attendance at one of the following ND Ignite events:  Art Attack, Actors from the London Stage shows, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center shows or concerts, or participation in Show some Skin

    • Other events can be considered provided that submission demonstrates that it is relevant to the student’s first year and shows creativity in the arts
  • Inclusion of a narrative and/or media that demonstrates:

    • Value to the first-year experience & overall education
    • Reflection on the creative process
    • Active seeking untested or risky personal directions or approaches to art
    • Integrates alternate or contradictory perspectives on the experiences
    • Presents innovative or novel thinking and creativity by presenting a new question or presenting a new line a dialog relevant to the artistic experience
    • Connections to the students own education, career, and life goals

**Adapted from AAC&U creative thinking VALUE rubric

Reviewer: Panel that includes First Year of Studies ND Ignite faculty/staff.

Eligibility: Available to all Notre Dame first year students

Badge Award Dates: Spring semester

Contact: The Notre Dame First Year Ignite Website