Appalachia Service Learning Badge

Appalachia Badge V3 Photoshop Award Description: Engaging fully with a service learning experience can bring lasting change. Students can earn this badge by demonstrating, with creativity, critical thinking, and thoughtfulness, what they learned (and are continuing to learn) through their experience in the Appalachia Seminar. Up to 30% of students will be awarded this badge if their portfolios demonstrate high-quality evidence of lessons learned, observations, and action steps moving forward.  Awardees exemplify excellent participation in this seminar and service learning in general. Recipients of this badge may have their ePortfolio displayed on the Center for Social Concerns website.

To view a complete list of students who have claimed this badge, visit the the Notre Dame Credly page. Please note that not all ePortfolios are public and some may require an ND login to access. To login, click here.

Badge Earner Examples

Anna Burbank (2016) Anna Volk (2016)
Belin Mirabile (2016) Devin Dettman (2016)
Brian Sayles (2015) Sabrina Lichon (2015)
Tierney Vrdolyak (2015) Madeline McKenna (2015)
Margaret Walsh (2015) Michaela Hoffmann (2015)
Kelly Heiniger (2015)  Savanna Dinkel (2014)
Savanna Dinkel (2014)  Margaret Quinn (2014)

Criteria: Each log will be scored on a rubric from 0-3. Those with the highest combined scores will then be considered by the course instructor and given an overall score in order to find top 30%. Extra attention will be given to:

  • Use of multimedia, artifacts, and creative design

  • Honoring the communities you will be visiting

  • Demonstrating lessons learned and action steps

Eligibility: Available to all undergraduate students who participate in the Center for Social Concerns Appalachia Seminar

Badge Award Dates: December or January, yearly