Peer Advisor Leadership

Peer Advisor BadgeAward Description: The First Year of Studies Peer Advising Badge will be given to students who have been hired to serve as Peer Advisors in their residences halls. The goal of this badge is to identify those students that have been chosen as leaders in their hall by the First Year of Studies and who are qualified to work with first-year students on a one-on-one basis about academic matters. Peer Advisors with this badge have successfully completed training on FERPA, academic requirements at the university, interviewing and listening skills, and other topics related to the Peer Advisors' roles and responsibilities.

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2015 Badge Earner Examples

Tara Pilato (login required) Gabriel Jacobs
Daara Jalili Kevin King (login required)
Aaron Tarnasky (login required) Zachary Horne
Ash Smith (login required) Rose-Marie Mazanek

Visit the 2015 badge Credly page to see all students who have claimed the badge. 

2014 Badge Earner Examples

Daniel Passon Madeline Basil
Leana Jonassaint Michael Hunckler


  • Attend the mandatory training sessions for Peer Advising
  • Complete the template provided for Peer Advising ePortfolios
  • Create a home page with general information about the student
  • List and maintain office hours
  • Create 2 ND Experiences pages
  • Upload a resume

Eligibility: Available to all undergraduate peer advisors

Badge Award Dates: Historical (no longer available)

Visit the 2014 badge Credly page to see all students who have claimed the badge.