Dean's A-List

Deans A List

Award Description: How do you make the most of your first-year experience? What activities have the greatest potential to motivate, stretch, and inspire you as a new student? What should first-year students do to be fully engaged in campus life, discern their unique calling, and prepare themselves to be agents of change in today's world? The Dean's A-List is a set of must-do activities designed to help first-year students begin a yearlong process of contemplation and self-discovery guaranteed to result in personal growth and transformation. Click here for more information and the listed activities.

To view a complete list of Dean's A-List badge recipients, visit the Notre Dame Credly page. Please note that not all ePortfolios are public and some may require an ND login to access. To login, click here.

2016-2017 Badge Earners        

Madeleine Andreas
Elle Dietz

2015-2016 Badge Earners        

Katie Adlaka
Jaihee Choi
Stephanie Mastorakos

2014-2015 Badge Earners        

Dominic Acri Susan Morand
Kyle Casey Guohui (Mary) Shi
Sarah Bueter  

2013-2014 Badge Earners

Brianna Casey Benjamin Schultz
Franklin Forsberg Abigail Sullivan
Matthew Goblirsch Rachel Zavakos

Judging Criteria: Students have completed an ePortfolio that displays:

  • Tinkering with their learning
  • Creative playfulness
  • Discernable thread woven on how student makes sense of learning

Reviewer: Panel that includes First Year of Studies faculty/staff and members of the ePortfolio Program

Eligiblitiy: All first year Notre Dame students

Badge Award Dates: Spring semester

Contact: The Dean's A-List First Year of Studies Website