University ePortfolio Excellence Awards

Eportexcellence 01 Award Description: The University ePortfolio Excellence Award is judged on students' academic and personal accomplishments, creativity, and individuality -- as showcased on the ePortfolio platform.  The award celebrates the union of academics, student life, and technology, and helps to build and expand the current ePortfolio program, challenging students to improve and personalize their portfolios in a unique way.  There will be one grand prize winner and several runners-up, distributed into different categories such as college, academic year, career, study abroad, research, and more.  All badge earners will receive cash prizes.  The categories are chosen each year based on the submissions received. 

Submissions are due May 10th, 2018.   Instructions: New eportfolio (with 3-bar menu) or Classic eportfolio (with Portfolio Tools menu). 

To view a complete list of students who have claimed this badge, visit the Notre Dame Credly page. Please note that not all ePortfolios are public and some may require an ND login to access. To login, click here.


2016-2017 Winners

Grand Prize: Comprehensive Abby Smith
Grand Prize: Course-Related Erica Loberg
Best Service Learning Saam Mojtahed
Best Senior Kayla Matthews
Best Freshman Cristina Chavez
Best Foreign Language Jasmine Feder (ND login)
Honorable Mention
Junior Rebecca Huber
Community-Based Learning Bridget Moroney

2015-2016 Winners

Grand Prize: Content Amy Wang
Grand Prize: Design Annabel Aman
Best Business Tai Verbrugge
Best Comprehensive Garghi Purohit
Best Course Specific Will Badart
Best First Year Kelly Dodson
Honorable Mention
Advanced Design Features Rathin Kacham
Appalachia Service Learning Madeline McKenna
Spanish Language Jack Sullivan


2014-2015 Winners

Grand Prize Christy Lucas
Best Engineering Kevin Warten
Best Course-Specific Lilian Ho
Best Academic Showcase Margaret Thomann
Best FYS ePortfolio Dominic Acri
Best FYS ePortfolio Lauren Hill
Best Junior Ethan Muehlstein
Best Pre-Health Ashley Murphy
Best Study Abroad Cristina Bordeaux


2013-2014 Winners

Grand Prize Franklin Forsberg
Best First-Year Cameron Hart
Best Business Hannah Lin
Best Pre-Health Kevin Nguyen
Best Junior Shella Raja
Best Engineering Marquis Robertson
Best Arts and Letters Renee Roden
Best Sophomore Jean-Pierre Vertil


2012-2013 Winners

Grand Prize Bianca Fox
Best First-Year Maria Do
Best Sophomore Julia Banasikowski
Best Senior Kelly Taylor
Best Arts and Letters Samantha Vassanelli
Best Business Julie Doherty
Best Science Lee Haruno
Best Engineering Peter Nguyen

Judging Criteria: Students have completed an ePortfolio which could serve as an example for other students.  In addition, it showcases:

  • Academic and Personal Accomplishments
  • Creativity and Individuality
  • Union of Academics, Student Life, and Technology

Reviewer: Panel that includes members of the ePortfolio Program

Eligibility: Available to all Notre Dame undergraduate students

Badge Award Dates: Spring semester