Pre-med Preparation Award



Award Description: The Pre-med Preparation ePortfolio Award is designed to incentivize and recognize students that have gone above and beyond to thoughtfully and purposefully prepare themselves for the Premed application process. This includes being aware of all requirements and opportunities, documenting and organizing artifacts, reflecting on experiences, demonstrating understanding and development of competencies, developing plans/goals, and tracking progress. Submissions are judged and badges are awarded based on: (1) Completeness of ePortfolio contents (quality and min quantity) and (2) Demonstration of applied and integrative learning inside/outside and across courses and semesters through reflective multimedia evidence


2014-2015 Badge Earner Examples:

Erin Bishop Christy Lucas
Margaret Gegick June Tome
Jaewon Jung Fortino Velasco

2014-2015 Badge Criteria:

  • Gold Level: home/bio, resume; personal statement (if applying to medical school in 2015-2016), a minimum of 1 journal entry, MCAT competencies chart started, Experience Matrix and Skills Matrices (Science, Social Science, COA) started

Reviewers: Panel of University of Notre Dame PreHealth Advising Assistant Dean(s), ePortfolio Program Team, and Peer Advisors

Eligibility: Available to all undergradute students enrolled in the pre-med major

Badge Award Dates: Historical (no longer available)