Library Research and Information Literacy

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Note: As of May 10, 2020, this badge opportunity will be retired. Existing issued badges will still be archived with

Award Description:   The Library Research & Information Literacy Badge recognizes students who have demonstrated their skill at finding and evaluating information in a wide variety of formats from scholarly and non-scholarly sources. Analyzing information sources for strengths and weaknesses is a critical skill of information literacy that is important for academic work at Notre Dame and in future employment. Using resources offered by the Hesburgh Libraries, students earning this badge will develop critical information literacy and library research skills as they work with a subject area specialist to pursue their own unique research question and produce a critical annotated bibliography. This badge will be awarded to all eligible students who complete the process below.  

  1. Students complete the Pot of Gold Tutorial.
  2. Students score at least 80% on the Pot of Gold Quiz.
  3. Students fill out this brief form in order to be assigned to an appropriate Hesburgh Libraries subject area specialist according to their general area of research interest.    
  4. In conjunction with the subject area specialist, the student will develop a unique research question and complete the process of developing a critical annotated bibiography.
  5. After the bibliography is approved, the student may upload the final version to an eportfolio page.

Judging Criteria:

  • As is typical of academic research, the bibliography should include a range of scholarly sources and a variety of formats, such as reference works, journal articles, books, multimedia, etc. At least 10 sources must be cited. The most important part of this bibliography is a critical analysis of each included item.  Visit our Library Guide How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography for information on generating a critical or evaluative annotation.
  • The critical annotated bibliography will be evaluated by the subject area specialist and the Library Research & Information Literacy badge team using the rubric developed by the Association of American College & Universities.
  • The bibliography must be formatted in an approved citation style recommended by the subject area librarian.

Reviewer: The assigned subject area librarian, members of the Library Research & Information Literacy Badge team, and ePortfolio program staff.

Eligibility: Available to all Notre Dame undergraduate and graduate students

Contact: Library Research & Information Literacy Badge team

2018 - 2019 Winners
Sam Delmer
Rachel Wang
Tianyuan Cao

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