Civic Engagement: Learning, Design, Technology

Ess FinalAward Description: This badge recognizes exemplary civic engagement during the course ESS 23100 Learning, Design, and Technology. Badge earners developed knowledge about learning theory, technology tools for teaching, and problem-solving methods supported by research. They applied these skills in local community to address needs in education.  By contributing to the common good through committed community engagement, students earning this badge show progress towards undergraduate learning outcome C.

Criteria: All students meeting the criteria below will earn this badge.

  • Received a top grade in ESS 23100 Learning, Design, & Technology (cross-listed as a community-based learning course).
  • Public evidence of success in and reflection on civic engagement through an engaging eportfolio
  • Capstone-level civic engagement score on at least 3 dimensions of the American Association Colleges & Universities Value Rubric

Reviewer: Course instructors,  G. Alex Ambrose, Ph.D. & Crystal J. DeJaegher, Ph.D.

Eligibility: Available to all undergraduate students who participate in ESS 23100: Learning, Technology, and Design

Contact: G. Alex Ambrose

Badge Award Dates: End of semster when ESS 23100 is offered

For a complete list of students who have claimed this badge, visit the Notre Dame Credly page. Please note that not all ePortfolios are public and some may require an ND login to access. To login, click here.

Fall 2016 Badge Earners