Badge Information

Presenter Badge imagePresenter Badge

The goal of this badge is to motivate presenters to share 
and showcase their work beyond the face-to-face event
by “micro-publishing” their presentation materials.

A free LinkedIn account is required in order to apply for a badge.

Eligibility: All participants in the 2016 conference

Contact:The AAEEBL Website

Submitting Material for a Badge

I. UPLOAD presentation slides

The preferred location is SlideShare - upload as PPT or PDF
        (a LinkedIn account provides access to SlideShare)
        Alternatives: Google Slides or Prezi
Optional: post one or more handouts as PDF or Google Doc

II. POST a message on LinkedIn

  1. Log in to LinkedIn
  2. Make a new blog post that includes
    • A short reflection (min. 150 words) on your take-aways from presenting at the conference.
      These prompts may help: An attendee asked ... At another session ... As a result of presenting ...
      A connection I made ... My next step ... I'd like to explore ...
    • Aaeebl Badg Concept Map
      (Workflow visualization - click to enlarge)
      Your presentation slides or other key conference material
              Embed SlideShare slides (preferred)
              Or link to other content
  3. Optional - add a header image
  4. Publish the post

III. SUBMIT this Google Form