Dean's A-List

Deans A List

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Award Description: How do you make the most of your first-year experience? What activities have the greatest potential to motivate, stretch, and inspire you as a new student? What should first-year students do to be fully engaged in campus life, discern their unique calling, and prepare themselves to be agents of change in today's world? The Dean's A-List is a set of must-do activities designed to help first-year students begin a yearlong process of contemplation and self-discovery guaranteed to result in personal growth and transformation. Click here for more information and the listed activities.

Judging Criteria: Students have completed an ePortfolio that displays:

  • Tinkering with their learning
  • Creative playfulness
  • Discernable thread woven on how student makes sense of learning


Reviewer: Panel that includes First Year of Studies faculty/staff and members of the ePortfolio Program

Eligiblitiy: All first year Notre Dame students

Contact: The Dean's A-List First Year of Studies Website

Please note that not all ePortfolios are public and some may require an ND login to access. To login, click here.

2015-2016 Badge Earners        

Katie Adlaka
Jaihee Choi
Stephanie Mastorakos

2014-2015 Badge Earners        

Dominic Acri Susan Morand
Kyle Casey Guohui (Mary) Shi
Sarah Bueter  

2013-2014 Badge Earners

Brianna Casey Benjamin Schultz
Franklin Forsberg Abigail Sullivan
Matthew Goblirsch Rachel Zavakos