I Heart Stats

Mooc Engagement Blue Heart 04

Award Descrption: It is one thing to say you have taken a MOOC. It is another to prove that you have put the time and energy in and completed a MOOC. The "I Heart Stats" badge acknowledges those lifelong learners who have engaged all of the course learning goals:

  • Select appropriate statistical tests for given sets of date
  • Calculate basic statistical tests for sample data
  • Use standard methods of representation in order to summarize data
  • Interpret statistics
  • Assess the credibility of statistics

Judging Criteria: To earn this badge, participants must:

  • Login to the I Heart Stats edX Course and access all the course content weekly
  • Score at least a 70% on all course assessments. (Note: you can retake the quizzes and homework as many times as you want, but you only get one chance at the final)

Reviewer: Subject matter - experts with support from members of the MOOC administration team.

Eligibility: All students who satisfy the judging criteria will be recognized with a badge.

Contact: online@nd.edu

To view "I Heart Stats" badge recipients, visit the Notre Dame Credly page.