E2B2 Badge Directory



Welcome to the new E2B2 Badge Directory. E2B2 (ePortfolios with Evidence-Based Badges) is an initiative that encourages students to showcase their skills and accomplishments visually on their ePortfolios, while establishing a standard system for verifying and quantifying these formal and informal achievements and skills. As students get involved with badges, the goal is that they start to focus on the co-curricular aspects of their education that is, the learning that happens outside of the classroom. Feel free to explore the badges contained in our directory and see what skills and awards they represent. You can also view the recipients of these badges on each respective page.

Badge Gallery and Past Winners

Below are the badges that we currently offer. These can be achieved by completing certain criteria, displaying accomplishments, or winning awards. Click on each badge name to view the badge itself, read more about it, and to access its recipients.


Badges In Action

There are several different ways to display a badge on one's ePortfolio! They can be displayed on a banner or in the actual text of the page. 

Ajani Crosley

For example, Ajani Crosley showcased both his 21st Century da Vinci and his University ePortfolio Excellence Award on his ePortfolio banner.



Maria Do

Meanwhile, Maria Do chose to display her badge for the Renaissance Circle Award on her homepage, in the actual text!









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