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Need some help?  The resources below should have you covered.

1. Consult our FAQ page.

2. Contact our team by email:

3. Contact Digication at or 1-888-342-DIGI (3444). Digication is the 3rd party host for our ePortofolio site.  They  are a web-based service that provides unlimited end-user support via email, and guarantees a 24-hour response time year round. Typically, during EST office hours, responses are made within two hours.

4. Put in a help request through Notre Dame OIT

5. Check Digication's Knowledge Base or search online using the keywords "Digication (+ your question)".  Google and Youtube (for demos) are good places to search.

6. Attend an ePortfolio Help Session with a student ePortfolio coach.   The current session schedule can be found here.