Get Help

Need some help?  The resources below should have you covered.

1. Watch the following video to walk you through the basic tools of Digication's ePorfolio platform.

2. Consult our Knowledge Base

3. Check out the Digication Help Desk Documentation page.

4. Put in a help request through Notre Dame OIT.

5. Contact Digication at or 1-888-342-DIGI (3444). Digication is the 3rd party host for our ePortofolio site.  They  are a web-based service that provides unlimited end-user support via email, and guarantees a 24-hour response time year round. Typically, during EST office hours, responses are made within two hours.

5. Search online using the keywords "Digication (+ your question)".  Google and Youtube (for demos) are good places to search.

6. Contact our team by email:

7. If you created your ePortfolio in Summer 2017 or earlier, check out the Classic System FAQ for help.