Digication ePortfolio Sunsets on June 30th, 2020

Author: Alex Ambrose

After nine years, it was time to re-evaluate our Digication ePortfolio vendor contract. After June 30th of this year our Digication contract will no longer renew. We want to thank all the faculty, staff, and student users for the past decade in collaborating with us to find alternative and evidence of learning with ePortfolios. For the most common questions and concerns related to the discontinuation of Digication, see the following FAQs:…

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If the university does not renew its license subscription, what happens to existing ePortfolios/how can students and faculty access them?

Author: Alex Ambrose

-In the event that Notre Dame does not renew its license subscription in the future, users will need to purchase a personal account at for $20/year in order to continue accessing and editing their ePortfolios.

-Users also have the option to download their ePortfolios at any time. A .zip file will be saved onto your computer, which will contain all of the HTML files and media files associated with your ePortfolio. If you wish, you can use these files to host your e-Portfolio in another location in the future, share your ePortfolio offline, or further modify your ePortfolio using an HTML editor. (An exported ePortfolio can not be re-uploaded to Digication.) Instructions for downloading ePortfolios are located here:

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How does a student retain access to their ePortfolios after graduating from the university?

Author: Alex Ambrose

Alumni are provided free access to their ePortfolios for as long as Notre Dame is under contract with Digication. Before graduation, students should be encouraged to add a personal email address in their user profile under 'Notification email.' This will allow them to reset their passwords after they lose access to their Notre Dame emails. Alumni will login at

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Digication Dashboard Update!

Author: Samantha Lessen

Returning users will notice an update to the “Home” page of their ePortfolio dashboard; Digication has launched a new, more interactive homepage!

Old DashboardThis is the old Dashboard homepage.

New Dashboard

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Digication ePortfolio System Gets an Upgrade!

Author: Alex Ambrose

The Notre Dame ePortfolio team is excited to announce that we will be one of the first campuses to go live Fall 2017 with the “New Digication.” The “Classic Digication” version will still be supported until Fall 2018.  New enhancements include increased opportunties for...

  • (students) visual literacy, storytelling, drag and drop design layouts, and smoother edit/publish/submit workflows

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2016 University ePortfolio Excellence Awards

Author: Rachel Wallace

The Notre Dame ePortfolio Engagement Project team is now accepting submissions for the 2016 University ePortfolio Excellence Awards! Eight Notre Dame students will be recognized for their exceptional use of ePortfolios. 

For submission instructions, click here

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2015 ePortfolio Badges and Awards

Author: Paul Ashenfelter


2014 Notre Dame ePortfolio Badges and Awards

Attention students! Do you want to win money and/or earn a badge for being yourself or doing something unique on your ePortfolio? There are three contests that you can enter in the Spring 2014 semester for a chance at some great prizes and badges! Click for details.

University ePortfolio Excellence Award: $1000 (grand prize), $100 (runners-up), badge

Dean's A List (open to first-year students): certificate, pin, badge

Dean's 21st Century DaVinci Challenge (open to first-year students): $1000 (1st), $500 (2nd), $250 (3rd), badge


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Notre Dame ePortfolio Analytics Research Wins 2 Best Conference Paper Runner Up Awards

Author: G. Alex Ambrose

Runner Up for Best Paper at the International Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference 2014
Aguiar, E., Chawla, N. V., Brockman, J., Ambrose, G. A., & Goodrich, V. (2014).Engagement vs Performance: Using Electronic Portfolios to Predict First Semester Engineering Student Retention. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Learning Analytics And Knowledge. Pages 103-112. …

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