If the university does not renew its license subscription, what happens to existing ePortfolios/how can students and faculty access them?

Author: Alex Ambrose

-In the event that Notre Dame does not renew its license subscription in the future, users will need to purchase a personal account at digication.com/purchase for $20/year in order to continue accessing and editing their ePortfolios.

-Users also have the option to download their ePortfolios at any time. A .zip file will be saved onto your computer, which will contain all of the HTML files and media files associated with your ePortfolio. If you wish, you can use these files to host your e-Portfolio in another location in the future, share your ePortfolio offline, or further modify your ePortfolio using an HTML editor. (An exported ePortfolio can not be re-uploaded to Digication.) Instructions for downloading ePortfolios are located here: https://support.digication.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014997012-Download-ePortfolio