Digication Dashboard Update!

Author: Samantha Lessen

Returning users will notice an update to the “Home” page of their ePortfolio dashboard; Digication has launched a new, more interactive homepage!

Old DashboardThis is the old Dashboard homepage.

New Dashboard
This is the new Dashboard homepage










From here you will be able to do all the same tasks: create new ePortfolios, edit old ePortfolios, access your courses, and more. The new dashboard is a fresh look for the new school year. To create a new ePortfolio, just click the green button with a plus sign next to “My e-Portfolios.” To view your courses, just scroll down and find “My Courses” in the left sidebar beneath your ePortfolios. To search for other ePortfolios, click “e-Portfolios” along the top navigation bar. As always, if you have any questions, please visit our Get Help page.