Digication ePortfolio Sunsets on June 30th, 2020

Author: Alex Ambrose

After nine years, it was time to re-evaluate our Digication ePortfolio vendor contract. After June 30th of this year our Digication contract will no longer renew. We want to thank all the faculty, staff, and student users for the past decade in collaborating with us to find alternative and evidence of learning with ePortfolios. For the most common questions and concerns related to the discontinuation of Digication, see the following FAQs:

What happens to the existing student and faculty ePortfolios when our Digication contract expires?

Faculty will have a two-year grace period in which their accounts will remain active. Student and alumni users will have the option of purchasing a personal account at digication.com/purchase for $20/year in order to editing privileges and access to their ePortfolios. Alternately, users have the option of downloading their ePortfolios at any time. A .zip file will be saved onto your computer, which will contain all of the HTML files and media files associated with your ePortfolio. If you wish, you can use these files to host your ePortfolio in another location in the future, to share your ePortfolio offline, or to further modify your ePortfolio using an HTML editor. (Note: an exported ePortfolio cannot be re-uploaded to Digication.) Instructions for downloading ePortfolios are located here: https://support.digication.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014997012-Download-ePortfolio

What is the best free alternative to Digication?

After benchmarking other web publishing platforms for student and faculty ePortfolio websites, our team has determined that Google Sites (under Notre Dame’s Google Apps)--https://sites.google.com/a/nd.edu--is the best and easiest option in addition to being free. We have made an easy-to-use "getting started" guide: How To Use Google Sites as an ePortfolio. Note:  No Help Desk or other IT help is available for using Google Sites.  A second option is using our University's Wordpress at: sites.nd.edu. It is free for use by faculty/staff/students and is an industry-standard for websites. Marketing Communications is the group to contact about WordPress. 

How does a student retain access to their ePortfolios after graduating from the University?

Before graduation, students should be encouraged to add a personal email address to their user profile under 'Notification email.' This will allow them to reset their Digication passwords in the future, even after they lose access to their Notre Dame emails. Alumni will log in at https://nd.digication.com/ using the 'Alumni/Guest Login' link.


Any further technical support questions can be directed to Digication help/support: 1.888.342.DIGI or support@digication.com