2nd Annual University ePortfolio Excellence Award

Author: Samantha Lessen

The Notre Dame ePortfolio Engagement Project is excited to announce the 2nd Annual University ePorfolio Excellence Award! The award is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Notre Dame, and offers a $1,000 grand prize along with several $100 runner-up prizes, distributed by college, academic year, and other categories such as career, study abroad, research, and more. Students will also recieve a badge (click here to veiw Badge Directory) to place on their ePortfolio in recognition of their accomplishment.  The University ePortfolio Excellence Award is judged on students’ academic and personal accomplishments, creativity, and individuality — as showcased on the ePortfolio platform. The award celebrates the union of academics, student life, and technology, and helps to build and expand the current ePortfolio program, challenging students to improve and personalize their portfolios in a unique way. The deadline for applying for the award will be April 22, 2014. Students are encouraged to build their portfolios and submit them to the award competition, with the potential to win money for simply showcasing their unique talents, accomplishments, and interests on their ePortfolio. Make sure to watch for more updates on the University ePortfolio Excellence Award! Check back later for details on how to submit your ePortfolio.


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