Win Cash by Being Yourself!

Author: Samantha Lessen

The 2013 University ePortfolio Excellence Award is a chance to showcase what makes you unique. With advances in technology and digital integration within the learning community, students have the opportunity to go beyond a simple résumé or cover letter to let future employers, professors, and even other students gain a better understanding of who they are as individuals, and gives students a chance to share their story beyond the GPA. Notre Dame is full of outstanding students, and we want to see the best that everyone has to offer. The best student ePortfolios have the opportunity to compete for a Grand Prize of $1,000 or one of several $100 runner-up prizes. Contestants will be judged on the following criteria, with ePortfolios displaying: examples of Creativity, Organization, Individuality, and evidence of skills or course/program/university outcomes.  By submitting their ePortfolios for review, students will also become a part of the newly established ePortfolio Student Commons, an online ePortfolio community created to connect with current students and alumni. Follow the instructions below to join the Student Commons and become involved in the competition for the 2013 University ePortfolio Excellence Award!

All undergraduate students are eligible for this award. Contestants can use or improve upon an existing course/advising ePortfolio, or submit a new one. The deadline for student submission is Monday, April 22nd.

Here is a link to detailed instructions on how to join the competition: