Dean's Renaissance Circle 21st Century da Vinci Award Winners

Author: Samantha Lessen

The Dean’s Renaissance Circle 21st Century da Vinci ePortfolio Award is a quest within the First Year of Studies to find modern-day examples of the quintessential “Renaissance Man (or Woman).” In the spirit and example of the original Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci, students utilize the online portfolio platform Digication to develop a website showcasing their diverse talents, interests, and a passionate drive for knowledge. Students who participate in the Renaissance Circle seek knowledge for its own sake, challenging themselves to explore uncharted territory in the hopes of gaining new skills and insights. By building an ePortfolio and attending at least three Renaissance Circle workshops throughout the year, the students both build their own collection of knowledge and form a community of like-minded students. Each of the workshops covers a unique topic, ranging from art to physics, from math to poetry. The Renaissance Circle celebrates the students’ love of learning by awarding top students within the community for their efforts to display their talents and abilities through their ePortfolios. For more information on the Renaissance circle, please click here.

The winners of the 2013 Dean’s Renaissance Circle 21st Century da Vinci ePortfolio Award are:

First Place:

Rachel Wallace

Ajani Crosley

Second Place:

Yuxuan Chen

Maria Do

Zachary Wiley

Third Place:

Thomas Behrens

Curtis J. Herrick IV

Abigail Bartels