Tempietto Badge


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Award Description: 

This badge recognizes mastery in the application of three architectural concepts central to the ‘reading’ (evaluation) of a building or place as taught in the Notre Dame Massive Open Online Course “The Meaning of Rome: The Renaissance and Baroque City”.  Badge earners demonstrate mastery through projects which successfully address the following:

  • Visual representations (graphics, animations, videos, audio, etc.)
  • Historical background descriptions
  • The architectural concept visible in the site
  • A rationale for the student’s interpretation and outside substantiation

Judging Criteria: To earn this badge, students must:

  • Demonstrate mastery of core course concepts through a three-part project, as determined by subject-matter experts
  • Create a single publicly accessible site which addresses all three parts of the project
  • Meet submission deadlines
  • Complete three checkpoint surveys as part of "The Meaning of Rome" course.

Reviewer: Subject matter-experts with support from members of the MOOC administration team.

Awards: All eligible students who satisfy the judging criteria will be recognized with a badge.

To view a complete list of badge earners who have claimed the badge, visit the Notre Dame Credly Page.

2016 Badge Earners:

Alaa Shibly Jay Hobbs
Joan Kaiser Gerard Cotter
Monica Miklosovic Jana Rocholl
Ahlem Khecha