NDignite Connection

AcademicNDignite Connection is an online enrichment program for high-achieving students in grades 7-10 that strives to help students better understand their gifts, talents, and interests, while offering valuable insight into life at a highly-selective university. The program is supported by the University of Notre Dame’s Office of Outreach & Engagement Recruitment (OER). Programming runs from September-December and February-May, with optional programming opportunities in the summer.  Digital badges are awarded to celebrate and verify successful student acquisition of the skills learned in the program.  

The Academic Exploartion badge is awarded to students that establish an academic plan for high school, explore their academic future, and research their future career path.  

Eligibility: All high school students currently enrolled in the ND Ignite program

Contact: The Office of Outreach and Engagement Website

View the Credly page for a list of badge claimers