Online Showcase and Workspace

An ePortfolio is a personal, educational, and professional website that functions as a workspace and showcase to collect, select, reflect, link, and publish the story of an individual's experience, knowledge, skills, and dispositions as multimedia evidence.  At Notre Dame, ePortfolios are used for advising, study abroad, professional development, personal websites, and as a component of campus or online courses.  The slides below show some great examples of ePortfolios on campus.

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The Notre Dame ePortfolio Engagement Program (NDeEP) works with faculty and staff to create effective implementation of portfolios, and with students to provide a great experience working in a portfolio.  We provide one-on-one consultations, classroom visits, research/assessment support, digital badge development, and a variety of other services as part of the ReAL Design Lab at the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning.

To request a consultation for your program or course, please email us at eportfolio@nd.edu.

To get started in our portfolio system, follow the Quick Start Guide.  

To learn more about digital badges, visit the About Badges page.


G. Alex Ambrose is the Associate Program Director of ePortfolio Assessment

Alison Lanski is the ePortfolio Specialist

Georges Alsankary, Lydia Costello, and Franklin Forsberg constitute our student support team


Student Testimonial

Kevin Nguyen (Class of '14). Biochemistry and Chinese Major

"For me, I found the e-Portfolio useful as an organizational tool. In putting together the portfolio, I actually found a lot of common trends and it really showed me the strengths of my experiences and myself as an applicant. I could clearly see the areas of strength and what would shine towards an admissions committee. Admittedly, I also think that it allowed me to see weaknesses and gaps in my applications as well. This was because for me, some sections were very easy to fill out with a lot of information, other parts were kind of scant. I think if I were to do this as I went throughout college, I would have seen my weaknesses and strengths sooner and maybe I could’ve rounded my application out a bit better. Overall though, I felt the most useful part of the e-Portfolio is in working through and putting it together. The finished product is great too, but it is really the process that was most useful in organizing my thoughts both for my applications and especially for my plan in interviews; about what I would talk about, what I would steer the conversation towards, etc."